Zaza: Festival-on-Wheels Brings Science, Art and Culture to Jerusalem Neighborhoods in Cross-Sector Placemaking Initiative

Pop-up events planned for Ultra-Orthodox, Arab, and mixed secular-religious Jewish neighborhoods in November-December 2016

Jerusalem, November 15, 2016 – The Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, and the Jerusalem Innovation Team (JLM i-team) announce the launch of Zaza: Festival-on-Wheels, a new initiative that makes quality visual arts, theater, music and science events accessible to a wide audience of Jerusalemites. Using specially designed “content-mobiles,” the festival features pop-up events free of charge over the course of November and December in sixteen neighborhoods from Katamon to Romema to Beit Hanina. The festival, which aims to bring culture and science out of the museums and theatres and into community parks, local commercial centers and public squares, is part of a larger initiative to improve Jerusalem’s public spaces by the Jerusalem Municipality and the JLM i-team.

A total of 50 events are planned as part of Zaza, with the purpose of reaching some 5,000 Jerusalem residents from all socioeconomic levels. Content providers, all Jerusalem-based, include the Djanogly Visual Arts Center (art), the Train Theater’s Autobuba (theater), the Bloomfield Science Museum (science) and the Oman Visual Arts Center for the Haredi Public (art), among others. Separate events are scheduled for Ultra-Orthodox communities, in respect for cultural sensitivities. Zaza is organized by the Municipality’s Culture and Arts Division and supported through a unique collaboration between the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee and the Jerusalem Municipality.

The Zaza initiative seeks to create a temporary placemaking model that can be replicated in cities all over the world to reach residents across economic and cultural sectors on their home turf. One of its core missions, the JLM i-team believes that the creative use of public space is a vehicle for creating community, improving quality of life, scaling up economic development in outlying areas, encouraging healthy habits among residents and fostering a deeper connection between residents and with the City of Jerusalem.

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The Jerusalem Innovation Team
The JLM i-team, founded and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a senior consulting team that reports directly to the Mayor of Jerusalem and works to tackle strategic targets and seemingly intractable problems in the chosen areas of economic development, youth-at-risk, civil society and public space. The i-team’s unique status as in-house and independent, Jerusalem-focused but part of a strong international network, allows it to surmount bureaucratic hurdles and create bridges between departments and organizations for the greater good. The i-team uses Bloomberg Philanthropies’ successful innovation framework for solving acute city challenges, which is based on a structured, data-driven approach, a focus on short processes with maximum impact, innovation within existing bodies, and inter-departmental and inter-organizational matchmaking. The i-team is committed to first research issues and then ideate and initiate programs, hand-in-hand with municipal partners, that, once successful, will have the greatest impact on the residents and businesses of Jerusalem.

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