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Sharone April


Sharone April is the director of the JLM i-team on behalf of Bloomberg Philanthropies. Previously she served as a senior strategic and organizational consultant at Points9 (a subsidiary of Lotem Strategies), where she spent six years working with approximately 40 authorities and government ministries as the director of public sector clients in the firm, and oversaw long-term strategic-organizational processes, with an emphasis on integration and implementation. Before embarking in the consultancy field, Sharone served as the head of the private customers unit at Deltathree, a company specializing in VoIP for the business sector, and managed service, support and sales teams in Israel and India. Sharone holds a BA in business management and psychology, an MA in organizational sociology, and is currently a Ph.D. student researching innovation in organizations, all at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She interned with CEO of SIT, Amnon Levav, and at the leading organizational consultant in the US, Arty Trost. Sharone lives in Jerusalem with her partner and has an 8 year-old son and 4 year-old teenage girl.

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Omri Senderey

Research and Data Analysis

Omri Senderey is the JLM i-team’s in-house analyst and leads the team’s research and data analysis, which are the basis for the Bloomberg model for civic innovation. Omri has a BA in the joint program in philosophy, economics and political science and an MBA summa cum laude in business management, specializing in strategy and entrepreneurship, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Before joining the team, Omri worked as a senior risk analyst at PayPal and a product analyst at Trusteer/IMB, where he specialized in leading projects in international companies, data analysis and building automatic analytical tools and models for evaluating transaction risks and identifying suspicious electronic commercial behavior, based on segmentation of company clients. As a student, Omri worked as an economist at the Ministry of Finance, where he took part in conducting financial studies and writing research and policy papers. Omri is married to Ofir, father to Be’eri and lives in Moshav Ora, just outside of Jerusalem.


Lior Yellin Frajnd

Project Manager, Youth-at-Risk
Lior Yellin Frajnd is the JLM i-team’s project manager for youth-at-risk. During her BA studies in social work, Lior volunteered at the NGO Ayalim, which aims to develop and integrate life in the Negev and Galilee. She lived in the student's’ village on the outskirts of Dimona for four years, while working with youth-at-risk in the town. After moving to Jerusalem, Lior managed a large project for Elem, where she was responsible for locating and reaching out to youth-at-risk during the night, in various neighborhoods and in the city center, and referring them to local therapeutic centers. She completed her MA in social work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and specialized in the involvement of creative tools in therapy. After graduation Lior began to head the therapeutic services for youth-at-risk for the Binyamin regional council and worked as an integrator for the council vis-à-vis government authorities. On completion of this position, Lior joined the i-team, taking upon herself the responsibility to improve the treatment that all youth-at-risk receive in Jerusalem, whether they are Jewish-secular, Ultra-Orthodox or Arab. Lior is married to Yoel and has four children.
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Ben Erely

Project Manager, Education and Building Communities

Ben is the JLM i-team’s project manager for education and building communities. Born and bred in Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Ben began his journey as an educator in the Revivim program for outstanding Jewish educators at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, during which time he began teaching high school. Together with a group of friends devoted to education and social activism, Ben founded the Halom community in Kiryat Yovel, an underprivileged neighborhood in southern Jerusalem. As part of his activities with the Halom Community, Ben has been involved in the creation of an educational center for youth-at-risk, the NGO Tene Yerushalmi, the pre-military program HaYerushalmit and a major urban renewal project in the neighborhood. Other organizational involvement includes New Spirit, where Ben founded and managed the community development program; the National Student Council, where he established a fellowship fund; and the Yuvalim Community Center, where he directed the "adopt a neighborhood" program. Since 2013, Ben has been a member of Maoz, a network of leaders and changemakers. In addition to his social activism and work with the i-team, Ben continues to teach history and Bible studies at a local Jerusalem high school.

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Lior Shabo (“Shabo”)

Project Manager, Fostering Business Opportunities

Shabo is the JLM i-team’s project manager for economic development, as well as an entrepreneur, social activist and proud Jerusalemite. He launched his first socially-conscious business at the age of ten, selling wholesale firecrackers purchased at the Machane Yehuda market to small shops in his outlying Jerusalem neighborhood to provide equal opportunity for young pyromaniacs. He was active for years in the Jerusalem cultural scene as the director of the Yellow Submarine production company and as founder of the Israeli Salsa Movement. Shabo started two businesses in Jerusalem’s city center and was elected to the Central Jerusalem Business Owners Committee. Until recently, Shabo directed marketing and sales for a an international technology company specializing in solutions for the tourism industry. He also co-founded the entertainment index In 2014, Shabo launched a new social enterprise, the Jerusalem Parliament, a network of young, Jerusalem-based leaders from the worlds of business, social entrepreneurship, public policy, grassroots activism, journalism and politics for monthly networking events. In his spare time, Shabo likes to take visitors to Jerusalem to experience the incredible culinary and nightlife renaissance in the same Machane Yehuda market where he once bought firecrackers. Shabo is married to Karen and father to sweet baby Liana.

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Dena Scher

Media and Communications Manager

Dena is the JLM i-team’s media and communications manager, focusing on the international press and social media as part of a comprehensive communications strategy. Prior to joining the i-team, she worked for Lydia Weitzman Communications, primarily serving as foreign press advisor for the Ministry of Economy and Industry. In that role, Dena achieved quality media coverage in the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, CNN, Reuters, DPA, AFP and many more. Another major LWC project was the creation and implementation of a complex media strategy for the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, breaking the story of the first Philistine cemetery ever to be discovered, and achieving unprecedented press coverage worldwide, including CNN, AP, AFP, the New York Times, Reuters, National Geographic, NPR, the Guardian, and more. Prior to her work with LWC, Dena was foreign press officer at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, where she was responsible for the Museum’s international public relations strategy and social media. Particularly successful highlights include the Herod exhibition (2012), the launch of the Dead Sea Scrolls Digitization Project with Google (2011), the opening of the renewed Museum (2010) and the exhibitions of looted art from World War II (2008). Dena holds a BA in English literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. She lives in Jerusalem with her two adorable children.

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Dana Prives

Service Designer

Dana is in charge of developing and implementing design thinking methodology and human centered design mindset in the team’s work. Dana has a B.ARCH in architecture from the University of Cardiff and an M.DES in design management from the Industrial Design department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Prior to joining the JLM i-team, Dana worked in architecture and education in a number of areas: co-designing learning spaces, pedagogical development of educational programs, teaching and teacher training. As part of the JLM i-team, Dana works together with the team’s project managers in developing the methodological aspect of the team’s initiatives through the stages of research, ideation, design and implementation.

Former Team Members

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Shai Moshe

Former Project Manager, Youth-at-Risk

Shai Moshe manages projects for youth-at-risk in the JLM i-team. He was born and raised in Jerusalem, an amazing and surprising city that changes incessantly. Shai has a BA in social work and an MA in organizational counseling from the managers’ program at Bar Ilan University. After completing his studies, he gained organizational and managerial experience in intensive work with NGOs such as One Family (supporting terror victims), the Jerusalem Union Against Drugs and Alcohol and Aharai – Youth Leading Change. Shai volunteers by offering counseling services to NGOs on behalf of NOVA, an organization that specializes in promoting diverse social organizations, and also serves as a member of the executive of March 04 – Paratroopers Commando Unit, promoting educational activities. Shai is married to Yael and lives in Jerusalem.

Sharon Band Hevrony

Former Project Manager

Sharon Band Hevrony was the JLM i-team’s project manager for creative public space. Previously she was the marketing, planning and coordinating director of Jaffa in the Tel Aviv - Jaffa Municipality. There she developed a wide range of initiatives for developing businesses and tourism in Jaffa, working to maximize its economic potential as the Old City of Greater Tel Aviv and a top tourist site. Prior to her work in Jaffa, Sharon held several senior positions in the marketing and advertising field, with an emphasis on consumer items and mass marketing. She is currently a city planner and consultant for tourism, business and community development, focusing on civic innovation, for a variety of municipal authorities. Sharon is also researches local and shared economy and the development of sustainable communities at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research [formerly the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies] and lectures at the College of Management. She graduated with a BA summa cum laude in business management, communications and journalism, an MBA summa cum laude in business management and an MA summa cum laude in urban planning from the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Sharon lives in Rosh Ha'Ayin, is married and has four daughters.

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