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Sharone April


Sharone is an experienced strategic and organizational consultant translating strategic decisions into everyday tactics. Previously she served as a senior consultant at 9Points (a subsidiary of Lotem Strategies Group), where she spent six years working with approximately 40 authorities and government ministries as the director of public sector clients in the firm, and oversaw long-term strategic-organizational processes, with an emphasis on integration and implementation. Sharone holds a BA in business management and psychology, an MA in organizational sociology, and is currently a Ph.D. student researching innovation in cities worldwide, all at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Lior Shabo (“Shabo”)

Project Manager, Fostering Business Opportunities

Shabo is the team’s project manager for economic development, as well as an entrepreneur, social activist and proud Jerusalemite. He launched his first socially-conscious business at the age of ten, selling wholesale firecrackers purchased at the Machane Yehuda market to small shops in his outlying Jerusalem neighborhood to provide equal opportunity for young pyromaniacs. Until recently, Shabo directed marketing and sales for a an international technology company specializing in solutions for the tourism industry. In 2014, Shabo launched a new social enterprise, the Jerusalem Parliament, a network of young, Jerusalem-based leaders from the worlds of business, social entrepreneurship, public policy, grassroots activism, journalism and politics for monthly networking events.

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Dana Prives

Service Designer

Dana is in charge of developing and implementing design thinking methodology and human centered design mindset in the team’s work. Dana has a B.ARCH in architecture from the University of Cardiff and an M.DES in design management from the Industrial Design department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Prior to joining the JLM i-team, Dana worked in architecture and education in a number of areas: co-designing learning spaces, pedagogical development of educational programs, teaching and teacher training. As part of the JLM i-team, Dana works together with the team’s project managers in developing the methodological aspect of the team’s initiatives through the stages of research, ideation, design and implementation.

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Cheftzi Tirosh

Project Manager, Co-Living
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Ehud Uziel

Project Manager, Community Services

Ehud is the team’s project manager for the elder & children populations. Ehud was the chief-advisor to MK prof. Manuel Trajtenberg in the Knesset, and expert of early-education policies. Prior to that, Ehud was the campaign-Manager & IHL program manager at ACRI; the co-founder of ’15 minutes’ – Israel’s largest public-transportation NGO, and co-founder of ‘Yeda & Mechkar’ – an innovative educational program. A Jerusalem born, Ehud is an expert guide to east-Jerusalem complexity, and is active citizen & active parent in promoting Katamonim neighborhood, Jerusalem’s public-schools, workers-rights and more.

Former Team Members

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Shai Moshe

Former Project Manager, Youth-at-Risk

Shai is currently a project manager in the fields of the social division in the Jerusalem municipality. Previously he served as a project manager in the fields of youth-at-risk.


Lior Yellin Frajnd

Lior is currently the Youth-at-Risk and Young People City Integrator in the Jerusalem municipality. Previously she served as a project manager in the fields of Youth-at-Risk

בן (1)

Ben Erely

Ben is currently the Ein Gedi high school director. Previously he served as a project manager in the fields of Education and Building Communities.

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Omri Senderey

Omri is currently the Senior Director of Policy and Research at the Israeli Employment Service. Previously he served as the team’s research and data analyst.

דינה (1)

Dena Scher

Dena is currently pursuing a master degree in Non-Profit Institutions and community Organizations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Previously she served as the Head of the Media and Communications.

Sharon Band Hevrony

Sharon is currently the founder and co-CEO of the urban planning consulting firm “Bemida”. Previously she served as the project manager of in the fields of creative public space.

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