As part of the new priorities for 2017, the JLM i-team aims to bring innovation to education, through work with individual elementary and high schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods in both the Jewish and Arab sectors. Recent research has shown that teachers have the highest potential to be change-makers in the area of education but that most of the changes currently happening in the educational system are top-down - initiatives that are created at the government level and implemented at the school level. The JLM i-team has created a new, teacher-centered model that seeks to give individual schools pedagogic autonomy that would result in improving scholarly achievement and the overall educational level of the schools.  The new model has begun to be tested in five schools across the sectors in Jerusalem.

The new model for schools uses Bloomberg Innovation Team’s pioneering design-based innovation method as a way to get teachers and administration, parents and students to think beyond the limitations of the day-to-day school experience. Intensive design sessions in the schools, guided by the JLM i-team, are helping participants do contextual research, generate insights, seek patterns, reframe problems and come up with ideas. Part of the research phase involves shadowing – teachers shadowing students and administration shadowing teachers – in order for all stakeholders to better understand the experience of others within the system and gain insight into the whole context of the school. The JLM i-team hopes to use this method to generate viable ideas that can be implemented starting in the 2017/8 school year.


Do you have an innovative idea that could make Jerusalem a better place?