The Jerusalem Innovation Team (JLM i-team), founded and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a senior consulting team that reports directly to the Mayor of Jerusalem and works to tackle strategic city challenges in the chosen areas of youth-at-risk, fostering business opportunities, education, building active communities and creative public space. Its unique status as in-house yet independent allows it to surmount bureaucratic hurdles and create bridges between departments and organizations for the achievement of common goals.

The JLM i-team uses Bloomberg Philanthropies’ successful innovation framework for solving acute city challenges, which is based on a data-driven approach, a focus on short processes with maximum impact and innovation within existing bodies. Through the empowerment of municipal partners and rapid delivery of successful projects, the i-team looks to change the way in which innovative thinking and planning are used at all levels of municipal operations.

The international network of 25 Bloomberg-sponsored Innovation Teams allows the Jerusalem team to continually learn from successes and failures around the world, “steal” great ideas and provide a wider context for the city.

Our Focus Areas

at Risk

Fostering Business Opportunities

Public Space

Building Active Communities



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