Innovation from within

Making Jerusalem a better place for residents and businesses

Innovation from within

Making Jerusalem a better place for residents and businesses

What We Do

  • We work to tackle strategic challenges in Jerusalem as a senior consulting team to the Mayor.

  • We are part of a worldwide network of 25 teams, founded and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

  • We create lean and smart initiatives, together with city partners, that, once successful, are scaled up and replicated.

  • We change mindsets through data-based innovative ideas, improving the daily city lives for residents and businesses.

Our Focus Areas

Fostering Business Opportunities

Public Space

at Risk



Building Thriving Communities



By bringing an innovative, disruptive approach to our work in City Hall, the Jerusalem i-team is an essential partner in realizing the city's strategic goals of strengthening our creative class and bridging gaps in our city. 

Nir Barkat

Mayor of Jerusalem


Mayors must always be looking for new ways to improve the critical services that people depend on. Our Innovation Teams program helps mayors do that by giving city governments around the world the capacity to make their innovative ideas reality.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and three-term Mayor of New York City


The most interesting things happen in cities. Cities have the greatest impact on the daily lives of residents so the possibility for impact on people is greatest when working on the municipal level. In that sense, the i-team has the greatest job in the world.

Sharone April

Director, JLM i-team

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